Append record(s)

Append JSON data to a stream associated with a dataset. streams are append-only by default. Alternatively, if a primary key is specified (see: POST:/streams/{owner}/{id}/{streamId}/schema), will replace records with the same primary key value.

Streams don't need to be created before you can append data to them. They will be created on-demand, when the first record is appended or by defining its schema.

Multiple records can be appended at once by using JSON-L (application/json-l) as the request content type.


Data uploaded to a dataset via a stream is not immediatelly processed. Instead, it is processed automatically in accordance with the dataset settings (default: daily) or as a result of calling POST:/datasets/{owner}/{id}/sync.

Once processed, the contents of a stream will appear as part of the respective dataset as a .jsonl file (e.g. my-stream will produce a file named my-stream.jsonl).

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