Dataset and project webhooks


Project webhooks allow products to automatically respond to activity of interest performed on
For example, your product can notify users or trigger a job when data in a particular dataset is

Webhook triggers

Once a webhook is configured it can be triggered for one or more of the following events:

Event TypeTrigger Conditions
DatasetsCreated, updated, or deleted
Data ProjectsCreated, updated, or deleted
InsightsCreated, updated, or deleted
FilesCreated, updated, or deleted

Webhook request

Webhooks are triggered via a POST request to the URL provided in its configuration. The request
body will typically include:

actionThe action performed by the userYes
entityThe type of resource affected (for example, dataset, project, file, insight, etc.)Yes
actorDisplay name of user who performed the actionYes
ownerDisplay name of user who owns the affected resourceYes
datasetDisplay name of datasetYes
projectDisplay name of data projectNo
insightDisplay name of insightNo
fileDisplay name of fileNo
timestampEvent date and timeYes
originSystem through which user performed the action (typically OAuth client display name)Yes
linksweb: Web URLs for all affected and related resources; api: API URLs for further detailsYes

Configuring project webhooks

Go to the Configuring webhooks for project page to learn how to add a project webhook.