AI Context Engine Starter Kits

The AI Context Engine™ Starter Kits allow you to jumpstart your custom application development using the AI Context Engine. These kits are delivered through GitHub repositories and provide all the necessary code and configuration items to get you up and running with a new Generative AI experience in no time.

The Starter Kits are available for various use cases, including creating chatbots for MS Teams, integrating AI insights into Slack, and developing data-rich web applications with Streamlit. This provides users direct access to data insights within these frequently used tools and it simplifies Q&A interactions with structured data.

Available Starter Kits

The following three starter kits are available to you. These starter kits demonstrate how to use the Answer Tool API to send a question to the AI Context Engine and display its response.

  • MS Teams Starter Kit : Integrate AI-powered insights directly into your Microsoft Teams workflow.
  • Slack Starter Kit : Bring the power of AI Context Engine to your Slack channels and boost productivity.
  • Streamlit Starter Kit : Rapidly build and deploy data apps with AI capabilities using Streamlit's intuitive framework.

Benefits of Using the Starter Kits

  • Rapid Development: Skip the setup hassle and dive straight into customization and feature development.
  • Best Practices Built-in: Benefit from our expertise with pre-configured settings and optimized code structures.
  • Flexibility: While providing a solid foundation, our kits are designed to be easily customizable to fit your specific needs.
  • Open Source: All Starter Kits are available under the Apache Open Source License, giving you the freedom to use, modify, and distribute as needed.