Getting started

Automations are helpful when you want to get something done without having to manually recreate the task through a visual interface online. Say you wanted to add data to or get data out of for your work elsewhere. You could use API endpoints like Upload Files, Download a File, Retrieve a Dataset, Update a Dataset, or even query datasets with SQL Query.

Test request

Try sending a test request using the Download a File endpoint. You’ll just need the owner, dataset ID, file ID, and your API Token.

Use this information for your example:

  • owner: bryon
  • id: us-zipcodes
  • file: zipcode.csv

Or try using the following Shell command:

curl --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer YOUR API TOKEN'

Eureka Automations

Eureka Automations™ make deploying and managing your catalog faster, easier, and smarter. The automations use templated SPARQL scripts to automate imports and enrichment of your data catalog including auto-generation of business glossary and relationships.

Configuring Eureka Automation