API reference

Accessing data.world through the provided REST APIs allows you to programmatically interact with resources on data.world like projects, datasets, files, glossary and catalog content, connections, and user profile information.

The following table provides an overview of what you can do with the API. Check out our API Reference for the full list of interactive endpoints.


Users and Account Management

UserRetrieve user data, List datasets/projects as a contributor or owner, List bookmarked datasets/projects
UsersRetrieve the user profile information.
Service accountManage service accounts in data.world.

Projects and Datasets

ProjectsAPI to retrieve project details, create/delete/update projects and to link/unlink datasets to projects.
InsightsAPI to retrieve insights for projects and to create/delete/ update project insights.
DatasetsAPI to retrieve datasets details, and to create/delete/ update/download datasets.
FilesAPI to add files from URL and delete/sync/download/upload files from datasets and projects.

Metadata Management

DataAPI to create, delete, update tables and columns.
CollectionsAPI to list, create, delete, update collections.
GlossaryAPI to list, create, delete, update business glossary resources.


WebhooksAPI to list subscriptions and to subscribe/unsubscribe to dataset/project/account events.


Each endpoint has a specific request/response body. You can see examples and parameters in each endpoint page.

Example Request

Retrieve a dataset request

curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.data.world/v0/datasets/jonloyens/an-intro-to-dataworld-dataset \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer [YOUR API TOKEN]'