Explore Datasets with dw-jdbc

dw-jdbc is a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver designed for seamless connection to datasets hosted on data.world. It caters to developers working in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) languages, offering read-only access to any dataset provided by data.world.


  • Broad Language Compatibility: Utilize dw-jdbc across all JVM languages for data exploration and analysis.
  • Support for dwSQL and SPARQL 1.1: Enjoy the flexibility of querying using data.world's SQL dialect (dwSQL) or SPARQL 1.1, ensuring access to semantic web data sources.

Get Started

To dive into how you can integrate dw-jdbc into your projects, check out the GitHub repository: data.world dw-jdbc.

Unlock the full potential of your data analysis with dw-jdbc πŸ¦‰